Space: the best TTRPG setting.

These are the voyages of 2-5 players. Their fifty-two-card mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly play an exploration-and-diplomacy-heavy GM-less RPG!

Taking the roles of spacefaring anthropologist-soldier-diplomats, you journey out into a unique cosmos each time you play. Will you find friends or foes among the stars? What universal secrets can you learn? Will the human race ever find a second home in the vast emptiness of the cosmos? Most importantly of all, what’s over that next stellar horizon?

From the creators of QuestCrawl and WasteCrawl,  this cooperative storytelling and exploration game is perfect for TTRPG groups, board gamers, GMs who need a break, and anyone who’s ever looked up and dreamt of what might be out there among the stars.

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Now Available!

What you will find here takes the simple core mechanics found in QuestCrawl or WasteCrawl (world generation, movement per turn, challenge mechanics) with additions to support a much stronger narrative game. This includes away missions, diplomatic missions, and first and continued contact with alien species.  We have added roles for a diverse crew, orders from the earth, political support, and a single ship for the crew to have a unified challenge while maintaining unique personal goals.

The result so far has been something that feels more like an epic space exploration campaign in the style of StarTrek. The resulting log files create an artifact of play that can be as much fun to read as it is to create.  While QuestCrawl was easily finished within a few hours (end game complete) WarpCrawl takes many sessions (called episodes) to complete a full game.  Our current play test campaign has run for 3 episodes with each coming in a little over 2.5 hours, and we aren’t even close to an end game, in fact, we just finished uncovering half of the warp cluster.

We hope you will follow us and keep an eye on the horizon as we warp this game to completion.

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