Indie RPG

Our unique set of Indie RPG products. We have created games for a number of game jams and bundles.


Get lost in a world of fantasy in QuestCrawl where you and your friends can play out endless adventures in a rules light micro RPG powered by a deck of cards.


The spiritual successor to QuestCrawl, WasteCrawl has you and your friends taking on mutants and mutations across a war scarred post-apocalypse in search of “the Bomb”. Look out for those hot zones, and don’t let the green-skins bite!

Camp Kingdom Come

In this horror comedy RPG you and your friends need to try and survive the biblical apocalypse while attending a summer bible camp. Protect your campers if you can, and uncover the mysteries of the camp owner at your own risk. Can you last the 7 days till armageddon?

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