Crawl from the Ashes

The end of the world came for reasons both completely predictable and entirely unavoidable.

Too many rats. Not enough cheese.

In the decade-winters after the great war, humanity all but vanished. Now the survivors cower in isolated Bubble Cities. Only the bravest dare to travel through a collapsing landscape boiling with radiation and mutants. Factions fight over the burnt scraps of a better world, Old World Relics are worth more than gold, and somewhere out there your Quest awaits, but only if you are strong enough to find it on the WasteCrawl.



  • One-page format is easy to pick up and learn, fast to play, ZERO PREP!
  • Easily convince your non-RPG friends to play a card-game… RPG
  • Have a player out tonight? Have a fun time anyway with this quick replacement!
  • Endless replayability, every shuffle is a different wasteland
  • This GM-less Post-apocalyptic RPG is based on QuestCrawl but has entirely new mechanics and items, built from the ground up!

Designed for the One-Page RPG Jam 2022, WasteCrawl is a GM-less post-apocalyptic RPG that takes a deck of cards and a couple of dice and makes a world of post-apocalyptic nightmares.  It’s easy to learn, fun to set up, and fast to play, but deep and wide like a traditional RPG. Designed for 1-8 players (yes, you can play solo), games take 30 minutes to 2+ hours, depending on your fortunes and persistence.

Easy to learn, fun to master. You can even use WasteCrawl to generate a nuclear fallout setting for other RPG games. If you are a forever GM, this GM-less Post-apocalyptic RPG is a great way to join your players at the table!

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