Cave of the Slumbering Crawlers


A Level 3 Adventure for Shadowdark RPG

🌟 Uncover the Secrets of the Cave!

🌌 Embark on an otherworldly journey into the heart of the Cave of the Slumbering Crawlers, where the Psychic Fungus and the Slime Mold clash in a war that uses creatures as pawns. Will you survive the mind-bending battles and unearth the truth behind the symbiotic alliance of the Zombie Cave Brute and the Psychic Fungus?


πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Immersive Storytelling

Dive deep into a unique narrative where the party is thrust into the chaos of a hivemind war. Escape the clutches of the Slime Mold Cultists, and explore a world where each decision shapes the outcome. Use spells like Detect Thoughts to communicate with the hiveminds, uncovering the hidden layers of this intriguing conflict.

🧠 Psychic Fungus vs. Slime Mold

Navigate through the Slumbering Chamber, Slimy Fungus, and the Front Lines, encountering Crazed Lizardfolk, Zombie Giant Centipedes, and the mysterious Zombie Cave Brute. Every room holds a piece of the puzzle, challenging your wits and strategic thinking. Can you outsmart the hallucinations induced by the Slime Mold and survive the psychic onslaught?


πŸ”‘ Unlock Room Secrets

Unearth treasures in the Slimy Fungus room, engage in the Front Lines skirmish, and explore the Giant Centipede Burrows. The Cave Brute’s Lair holds a Wand of Detect Thoughts and a Scroll of Charm Personβ€”use these gifts wisely to navigate the challenges ahead. Each room tells a story, and every encounter adds a layer to the mystery.

🀯 Mind-Bending Consequences

As you exit the cave, time catches up with the world outside. Seek revenge on the Slime Mold Cultists and face the consequences of your choices. The party’s perception of mushrooms will forever be altered, providing a lasting impact on their journey.

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