A Kiss to Build a Dream On


A Kiss to Build a Dream On: Datasheet

  • Players 4
  • Level 7
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Rhinoceros, Berserker, Mage, Rug of Smothering, Animated Armor, Blue Dragon Wyrmling, Goblin, Night Hag, Shadow, Medusa, Ape, Giant Ape, Aboleth, Gladiator
  • Rewards: Bag of Holding, Ring of Swimming, Scroll of Hallucinatory Terrain, Periapt of Health
  • Unique Rewards: Knighthood, Estate in the Vinelands (10,000 gp value), Crown of the Idiots, Cheroots of Web
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Dive Back Into the Dream Realm, for Adventure, for Love!

A Kiss to Build a Dream On is a 5e compatible dream-delve adventure for four level 7 characters. It plays for 3-4 hours.

Queen Aisling, newly free of insomnia (see The Trouble with Dreams), has become an avid dreamer. A little too avid in the eyes of some. Consequently, under ducal questioning, her Majesty confesses there is something more going on; She’s fallen in love with a man she sees in her dreams. Her court assembles the adventurers to mount an expedition into the Realms of Slumber.

With an uneasy Somnomancer, a magic spell, and an ice pick, a rift to the Realms of Slumber opens!

Warning: Those who die in the Realms of Slumber are damned to sleepwalk the rest of their lives – a fate worse than death!

Queen Aisling entrusts the heroes with an Interdimensional Valise. It functions as a Bag of Holding, except that it can also carry Dream Creatures into the real world. To appease the Queen, the adventurers must get the Man of Her Dreams into the Valise and then return with him to the Waking World.

Finally, this adventure rewards characters with a Knighthood and an Estate in the Vinelands (10,000gp value), should they succeed. You’ve never seen a 5e Dream Adventure quite like this.

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