Warlock Joe’s Snakes in a Dungeon: 5e Snake Adventure


5e snake adventure

  • Players 4-6
  • Level 5
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Giant Constrictor Snake, Constrictor Snake, Swarm of Poisonous Snakes, Flying Snake, Couatl, Druid, Spirit Naga
  • Rewards: Scroll of Plane Shift, Bag of Devouring
  • Unique Rewards: Golden Mouse, Diamond (1000gp value), Warlock Patron?
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Why Does it Have To Be Snakes!

Warlock Joe’s Snakes in a Dungeon is a 5e snake adventure for four to six characters of level 5. It plays for 3-4 hours. The adventurers are immersed in Warlock Joe’s latest themed location, at least until they’ve had it with these motherforking snakes in this motherforking dungeon!


Warlock Joe (aka Josiah Darksoul) is an epic-level master of the arcane arts. After an eternity of bending the multiverse to his will, Joe has turned his considerable resources to his hobby: building “dungeons” and luring adventurers into them with the promise of thrills and loot. For all his phenomenal cosmic power, Joe cannot control himself when inspiration strikes. After frantically building his latest creation, he turns his bloodshot eyes to finding heroes bold enough for this 5e snake adventure.

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