Drawn from the Margins


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This 78-page Illuminated Troika Adventure is packed with weirdness!

  • 50+ Illustrations from Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Dozens of Beasties
  • six unique Backgrounds
  • Strange puzzles and stories to delight your players for hours and hours.
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word harvest as the peasants deal with the crisis of illuminationDrawn from the Margins is an Illuminated Troika Adventure. Based on art from illuminated manuscripts. It can be played in a few hours or over many sessions. It comes with 6 unique backgrounds to play with, an imaginative bestiary, and full-color maps.

Inkwell Abbey boasts the greatest scriptorium of this Sphere, and their illuminated manuscripts are second to none. Consequently, every monk there takes great pride in this and spends their life dedicated to their art.

Every monk, that is, except Albert Fong.

Brother Fong was an incorrigible doodler who filled the margins of his manuscripts with strange monsters, happy animals, and a whole bunch of rabbits and snails. These minor vandalisms would have been forgivable, but Albert Fong was (unknown even to himself) a sorcerer. Eventually, a wild magic surge brought life to every image in the book Albert was working on.

The exact number of casualties is still being determined.

Those monks that survived now shelter in the nearby Blackriver Village. Their stories have alarmed the peasants, and the local lords are coming with their armies to wipe away these sorcerous creatures. They arrive in three days.

Impatiently, The villagers do not want to wait that long. They’re looking for brave people to clear out the monastery. Obviously, the surviving monks want their hostage brothers rescued from the strange rabbit-folk that have taken over the hills north of the abbey. Strangely, Albert Fong begs you to resolve the situation without violence.

Finally, what will your heroes do?

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