Dark Side of the Mine


“The most surprising thing about life is how, at each scale of size, it’s impossible to recognize from any other scale.”

~ Thandir Whilmount, Exobiologist

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Dark Side of the Mine – 5e Spelljammer Adventure

This adventure from WatcherDM is a collaboration with our friend Ethan Myers (Lyres for Hire). Designed for 3-5 players with level 2 characters. He sends us on a fun-filled adventure to a moon that isn’t quite what it seems. A small colony of dwarves is mining this “moon” for a strange proto-material that mimics precious metals. During their excavation, they contract some strange malady that turns them to goo and addles their minds. This adventure works great with your Spelljammer guide for 5e or any other space-fairing fantasy you like.


  • 4 Unique Adventure Hooks.
  • 5 Unique Monster stat blocks.
  • 2 Unique Magic Items.
  • A 5(ish) room dungeon on the moon.
  • 12 Full Color illustrations.
  • Designed to work as a 5e Spelljammer Adventure

Also checkout the free, art-free, version available on itch.io

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