Wake Up Sheeple!


Wake Up Sheeple is an awakened 5e adventure module written for the Duality 5 Jam by Austin Holm with artwork from Gabriel Hernandez. It is designed for four adventurers of level 6 and can be played in 3 to 4 hours. It focuses on clever faction play and role-play scenarios but has support for plenty of combat action. It is a comedy dressed in adventurers’ clothing, as the saying goes. This module is presented in pamphlet style, in wide format, and interactive with links to all needed resources. A dungeon master should be able to prepare to run this  awakened 5e adventure with as little as 30 minutes of preparation.


Wake Up Sheeple! is a comedic awakened 5e adventure about the dangers of sudden intelligence and groupthink. Mob mentality takes hold as the flock grows in smarts, demanding rights and establishing selfhood, much to the dismay of their former owners.

The Awakened Story So Far…

In the Ermine Marches, a strange fountainhead erupted, spilling a glowing blue stream into the valley below. Two fortnights ago, a shepherd boy allowed his sheep to drink from the eldritch waters. He returned to town babbling about sheep walking upright and using human speech.

He was initially jailed for madness and intoxication, but others have since confirmed these reports. Even more troubling, these ‘awakened’ sheep have taken to raiding other flocks, liberating their cousins, and leading them to the Waking Waters.

But the sheep were not the only creatures to drink from the Waking Waters. So did the she-wolf Loba. Now gifted with intellect and shapeshifting, she has disguised herself as a sheep, taken the name Susi, and seeks to control the herd animals.

Our heroes (four sixth-level adventurers) come to the Ermine Marches in a strange season. Who will they side with? The fate of nations may depend on their choices. The awakened 5e adventure has only just begun.

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