Darkness Gathers Under the Great Silver Hall: An Underdark Adventure


An Underdark adventure. Investigate a dwarven mine stronghold under the Monkrath Mountains. Can be placed into any mountainous region or mine setting. Ch. 1 of “The Dark Below” adventure path. Can be played as kickoff for larger adventure settings or a one-shot adventure for your players.

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This is the first in a two-part adventure working with Monster Brew DM (Jamie Brannan). His unique encounter design really shines in this Underdark adventure for three to fix adventurers of 3rd or 4th level. If you like the Underdark adventures, this series has what you want.

King Bderg Giantsmasher and his clan built their mine stronghold under Monkrath Mountains some 200 years ago. They drove out monsters that dwelt within the caves under the mountain and for their efforts were rewarded a steady stream of silver to mine. Naming the mine, Eth Stjora Zilvren Helgot.

However, what they had not told anyone was that the monsters were at the command of drow. These dark masters had sought to use the creatures as a way to clear a path for an advancing drow army. They sought to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting surface world.

Clan Giansmasher fought the enemy back into the depth of the caves. Bderg cut down the leader of the drow Agthar’Yaz-inyon casting them into the darkness below before ordering the passage sealed shut, cutting the drow off from the surface. Or so they thought.

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