Druid of Ravenhenge


This 1st level fey adventure is a fun entry-level game for three to four players for 5e. It includes some awesome tables for fey trickery and unique Will-o-Wisp effects. An interesting magical item for treasure and some unique social encounters!

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This 1st level fey adventure for three to four characters is chalk full of trickery and delight! Learn the mysteries of Ravenhenge!

The party is in search of a regional druid of some repute. The local lord commissioned him to craft a magical item as a gift for their huntsman. Arriving at the wood where Nigel lives, they are interrupted by the sound of screams.

The Joyful Enclave druids have reached out to the group of adventurers to investigate the condition of Nigel, a member of their circle who has been absent from the last two ceremonies. They offer boons or favors for news of Nigel’s condition.

As the party emerges fresh-faced from their studies, one of their ranks has orders to report to their next teacher, Nigel: the Druid of Ravenhenge will teach them first hand about fey relations and keeping the balance of nature with the aid of magical beings.

However your party joins this adventure, we hope you will have fun, roll dice, and stay weird!

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