Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium


Dive into the Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium! It’s time to find your way into the bottom of the bottle. This 5e compatible adventure module is designed for four to six characters of around level 2 or 3. A fantastical literal sandbox of intrigue awaits within the Wizard Karazar’s pocket dimension! Fun to play, fun to run, even fun to read, this module promises not to disappoint.¬†

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Surreal art cover for The Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium with multiples pairs of eyes staring inward at a handThe Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium is an exotic romp through a mysterious world. Full of riddles, puzzles, and inscrutable denizens. 5e compatible, this love letter to psychedelia is as vivid and beautiful as exciting and surreal.
You can wrap yourself up in conversation with the dead drunks at the last saloon on earth. Or you could solve the sphinx riddle and discover the secrets of the Ziggurat. Maybe, break bread and wine with whispering harpies or the sun itself.
This compelling narrative is written by Austin Holm and captures the exploration, social, and challenge pillars of a great game with deft prose. The art by Maya Bee captures the essence of the adventures many stunning scenes and characters. Your players will thank you for this one.

VTT On Roll20

Looking to play on Roll20 VTT? We have this module available on the marketplace! Includes nested notes, rotating custom tokens, unique maps, and a time-keeping device. Playing a weird-ass adventure has never been easier. A unique cast of characters populates the world of the Doom Desert. Ripe for DM interpretation and sure to delight and befuddle your players. This is not your regular adventure module, and it will challenge your assumptions about right, wrong, up, down, and hallucination or reality.

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