If you love strange, you will love Troika! Designed to be punchy, fast, and absurdist. We’ve fallen in love with this game and started cranking out new adventures and backgrounds for it at a fevered pace.

Puppets of Beeglemaus was our first toe-dipping experiment into the warm and lurid water of this system. Filled with zany characters and weird locales, the pamphlet-style adventure is punchy and complete.

Drawn from the Margins was next in our attempts to explore the strange borders of Troika! We took the challenge of using medieval illuminated manuscript art and creating an adventure around it. The result is our largest work to date. A 74-page, 50 illustration book in hard or soft print formats.

Most recently, we published Murder at the Motel Zotel, a fever dream exploration of the city of Troika! It includes the bizarre, the criminal, the lambasting, and some hospitality. You’ve never played a murder mystery like this. Coming soon to print format.

Puppets of Beeglemaus, Drawn from the Margins, and Murder at the Motel Zotel are independent productions of WatcherDM and are not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.

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