Bitter Feast


Bitter Feast

  • Players 4
  • Level 20
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Kraken, Gladiator, Noble, Priest, Mage, Knight, Ancient Red Dragon
  • Rewards: Defender Greatsword; Cloak of Protection; Giant Slayer Greataxe; Staff of Healing; Weapon, +1; Potion of Cloud Giant Strength; Brass Horn of Valhalla
  • Unique Rewards: Golden Horn (worth 1,000gp)

epic winter adventure


Available in Print of Demand

Bitter Feast is a 5e-compatible epic winter adventure for 20th-level characters. It focuses on role-playing and storytelling. The heroes are invited to the hall of King Kark to celebrate the Winter Solstice and, secretly, the winter of his own life. The journey there is set on a ship in a frigid ocean where the party can fill the space with tales of their past adventures, from times when their power was not so great.

Suddenly, they are beset by a Kraken, smashing their boat and threatening their lives before skulking back into the deep. It is in this state that they meet the first guest of King Kark, Ardur Albain and his eleven knights. Get ready for a yule time of your life in this epic winter adventure.

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