three fantasy entertainment male performers playing music and juggling on the roofs of tiny houses. Cover: Strange Ways Festival

Strange Ways Festival

A 5e Tavern Replacement

The Strange Ways Festival is a 5e tavern replacement that is a great way to kick off a new campaign, provide a light reprieve for players between quests, or just bring together some friends to have some table time without the structure of an adventure or campaign. I’ve been using this format for years to provide opportunities to introduce players to the game or introduce disparate groups of friends to each other.


  • The Arena (PVP)
  • The Pit (PVE)
  • The Toss (Unique Mini-game)
  • The Dance (Social Skill Challenge)
  • Faire Games (Combat Challenge)
  • Ritual Theatre (Exploration Skill Challenge)
  • Eating/Drinking Contest (Saving Throw Challenge)
  • Fortune Teller (Exploration Encounter)
  • Tattoo Artist (Character Customization)
  • Caricature Artist (Character Exploration)
  • Prize Table with 11 unique and weird Magic Items

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The Deadbutante Social Halloween Adventure for 5e

The Deadbutante

About this Social Halloween Adventure for 5e

  • Players 4-6
  • Level 9
  • Runs 3-4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Vampire, Green Hag, Succubus/Incubus
  • Rewards: Cape of the Mountebank, Rod of Rulership, Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location, Philter of Love, Potion of Animal Friendship, Potion of Gaseous Form, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Mind Reading, Potion of Poison, Restorative Ointment

Let your Role-playing prowess run wild in this Social Halloween Adventure for 5e. … Continue readingThe Deadbutante

College of Cruelty: Back-to-school 5e Adventure

College of Cruelty

  • Players 4-6
  • Level 6
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Phase Spider, Giant Wolf Spider, Ettercap
  • Rewards: Slippers of Spider Climbing, Potions of Healing, Medallion of Thoughts, Well of Many Worlds … Continue readingCollege of Cruelty

Murder at the Motel Zotel: a Troika! Murder Mystery by Austin Holm

Murder at the Motel Zotel

A missing suitcase. Punch-Card Policemen. Impractically large Hats.
  • A Psychedelic Troika Murder Mystery
  • 28 Pages of Troika! Weirdness
  • 6 Unique Backgrounds
  • 2 Trippy Locations for Troika! City
  • Random Hotel Room Generator
  • 18 New Items
  • 7 New Creatures
  • Full-Color Illustrations on every spread
  • Hillarious murder mystery tropes spun on their heads

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On: 5e Dream Adventure product photo

A Kiss to Build a Dream On

A Kiss to Build a Dream On: Datasheet

  • Players 4
  • Level 7
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Rhinoceros, Berserker, Mage, Rug of Smothering, Animated Armor, Blue Dragon Wyrmling, Goblin, Night Hag, Shadow, Medusa, Ape, Giant Ape, Aboleth, Gladiator
  • Rewards: Bag of Holding, Ring of Swimming, Scroll of Hallucinatory Terrain, Periapt of Health
  • Unique Rewards: Knighthood, Estate in the Vinelands (10,000 gp value), Crown of the Idiots, Cheroots of Web

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Warlock Joe's Dark Vegas Vacation: 5e Vegas Adventure

Warlock Joe’s Dark Vegas Vacation


  • Players 4 – 6
  • Level 7
  • Runs 3 – 6 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Mummy Lord, Shadow, Specter, Zombie, Ogre Zombie, Undead Tiger, Ghoul, Ghast, Warhorse Skeleton, Ghost, Skeleton, Wight
  • Rewards: Mace of Disruption, Rod of Rulership, Viscious Flail, Sun Blade, Necklace of Fireball

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Wake Up Sheeple! Cover Image. Awakened 5e Adventure

Wake Up Sheeple!

Wake Up Sheeple is an awakened 5e adventure module written for the Duality 5 Jam by Austin Holm with artwork from Gabriel Hernandez. It is designed for four adventurers of level 6 and can be played in 3 to 4 hours. It focuses on clever faction play and role-play scenarios but has support for plenty of combat action. It is a comedy dressed in adventurers’ clothing, as the saying goes. This module is presented in pamphlet style, in wide format, and interactive with links to all needed resources. A dungeon master should be able to prepare to run this  awakened 5e adventure with as little as 30 minutes of preparation. … Continue readingWake Up Sheeple!

The Trouble wth Dreams: 5e Dream Adventure cover image

The Trouble With Dreams: 5e Dream Adventure

The Trouble with Dreams Data sheet:

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Tomb of the Vampire General

Tomb of the Vampire General

Into The Tomb

You step into the dank cave clutching your torch, wishing the light would shine a little brighter or the shadows would retreat more—the water, flowing in the entrance with you, pools on one half of the dig site. The cave stretches on beyond, so you decide to stick to the dry side and keep moving. Did you slip? No, something pulled you, oh saints! A group of decrepit vampires emerges from the icy depths and attack. Outnumbered, you survey the melee to find your ally has fallen. They are dragging her further into the cave! After them!

Check out More by GMJ!

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Puppets of Beeglemaus

Puppets of Beeglemaus

Somewhere in the Microsphere of Zimbus Zane, the
wizard Beeglemaus hides from Rhinoman justice! You
have spotted the ruins of his famously ostentatious golden
barge smoldering in the fens. Descend heroes, but be
cautious; your foe is all the deadlier for being cornered! … Continue readingPuppets of Beeglemaus

Warlock Joe’s Dungeon for Babies

Warlock Joe, aka Josiah Darksoul (not his real name), is an epic-level magic-user who has transcended such paltry things as life and death and space and time. Now, he amuses himself by building dungeons and luring adventurers and monsters into it for fun. Joe is concerned about the youths. He is worried, in these changing times, that the next generation of adventures will come of age without ever having set foot into a dungeon, much less one containing a dragon! He aims to ensure that grim future never comes to pass, by creating an introductory dungeon for 4 LVL 1 PCs. … Continue readingWarlock Joe’s Dungeon for Babies

Hurricane Deathbot

For as long as anyone can remember, a great swirling hurricane has raged unabated in the middle of the open ocean, and at its center, a lonely metal island. But now, for reasons unknown, the hurricane is rapidly approaching the coast, threatening the lives of everyone in its path. … Continue readingHurricane Deathbot

Warlock Joe’s Tower of Power

Warlock Joe (Josiah Darksoul) is a notorious magic-user who has achieved immortality and now spends his vast free time constructing “dungeons”, into which he lures monsters and adventurers, as a hobby. The Tower of Power is one of these, a 5-room dungeon containing an assortment of challenges he has thrown together for fun. This adventure is for a group of four adventurers of 3rd level. … Continue readingWarlock Joe’s Tower of Power

Nightmare at Dodmans Point

Nightmare at Dodmans Point is a Fifth Edition Adventure for four to six characters of 3rd to 5th level. It is optimized for a party of four characters with an average party level (APL) of 4. Parties with a Cleric or Paladin as well as those equipped with magical items and weapons will have an easier time than those without. This adventure sees the party investigate the appearance of a Mysterious Ship that ran aground below Dodmans Point, and the cause of the town’s sudden bout of nightmares. This one-shot adventure can be placed into any coastal village setting. … Continue readingNightmare at Dodmans Point

Long Bear Valley Cover

Long Bear Valley

Long Bear Valley is a Cascadian Fantasy Hex-Crawl for 3rd level adventurers. Begin in hex 1. Giant sword ferns, fallen cedars, and the ever-pounding rain limit travel to one hex per day; every step must be earned with a machete. The valley is encircled by cliff-faced mountains, except hex 1 which exits homeward to the south. The adventurers must return to hex 1 within three weeks to catch a convoy back home.


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Spooptoberween Spooptacular Halloween Adventure

Spooptoberween Spooptacular!

Spooptoberween Spooptacular is a Halloween-themed one-shot adventure made tiny! The party starts in a room with no recollection of how they got there. Choose a door from three with ominous markings. They overcome some puzzles, some potential combat, and a deadly finisher that will shock them! Can’t wait for you to see the surprise ending.

Happy Spooptoberween! … Continue readingSpooptoberween Spooptacular!

the cover of The Divisible Man, cover illustrated by @LurkLovesYou.

The Divisible Man

Balanced for a party of fourth-level characters, this adventure module for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game is a roleplay-heavy dungeon-crawl through a steampunk funhouse that you’ll never forget. … Continue readingThe Divisible Man

a horrifying demonic collection of mouths illustrating the cover of Tomb of Transformation 5e

Tomb of Transformation

Uncover the secrets of the nearby cemetery and its new denizens in Tomb of Transformation: A lycanthropy cult bent on perfect transformation & dynamic battles with body horror and trickery, this adventure will keep your party guessing just what is going to change next! … Continue readingTomb of Transformation

a moon elves illustration showing one in front of a planet

Moon Elves’ Masquerade

Hedonist Horatio Humbert, possessed by an avarice for novelty, has offered a bounty for partiers capable of convincing the moon elves to attend his birthday. From his pleasure barge to the moon, this 4th level adventure mixes extended social & roleplay opportunities with a high-stakes, low-gravity boss fight your players won’t forget! … Continue readingMoon Elves’ Masquerade

artwork for 1st level fey adventure Druid of Ravenhenge

Druid of Ravenhenge

This 1st level fey adventure is a fun entry-level game for three to four players for 5e. It includes some awesome tables for fey trickery and unique Will-o-Wisp effects. An interesting magical item for treasure and some unique social encounters! … Continue readingDruid of Ravenhenge

Surreal art cover for The Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium with multiples pairs of eyes staring inward at a hand

Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium

Dive into the Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium! It’s time to find your way into the bottom of the bottle. This 5e compatible adventure module is designed for four to six characters of around level 2 or 3. A fantastical literal sandbox of intrigue awaits within the Wizard Karazar’s pocket dimension! Fun to play, fun to run, even fun to read, this module promises not to disappoint. 

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Murder at the Motel Zotel print cover

Murder at the Motel Zotel Zine

A missing suitcase. Punch-Card Policemen. Impractically large Hats.
  • A Psychedelic Troika Murder Mystery
  • 28 Pages of Troika! Weirdness
  • 6 Unique Backgrounds
  • 2 Trippy Locations for Troika! City
  • Random Hotel Room Generator
  • 18 New Items
  • 7 New Creatures
  • Full-Color Illustrations on every spread
  • Hillarious murder mystery tropes spun on their heads

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