College of Cruelty


  • Players 4-6
  • Level 6
  • Runs 3 – 4 hours
  • System 5e
  • Features: Phase Spider, Giant Wolf Spider, Ettercap
  • Rewards: Slippers of Spider Climbing, Potions of Healing, Medallion of Thoughts, Well of Many Worlds

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Head Back-to-school with this 5e Adventure Module

College of cruelty is a dangerous romp through the dark machinations of a transdimensional spider university. Challenge the party with traps, treachery, and teeth. In the end, this may be one of the most rewarding traps of their lives, if they are clever enough to get an A+. Or, find their end in this back-to-school 5e adventure module.

A Multiverse of Malice

The multiverse is home to innumerable worlds. Perhaps the most unsettling are worlds that bear a striking similarity to our own world but are utterly alien in their disparity. Within such a world is the College of Cruelty, a network of institutes suspended on the strands of a continent-sized web. The resident scholars are man-faced spiders the size of horses, pursuing knowledge without regard for safety, sanctity, or sanity.

These Arachnademics are eager to acquire new specimens for study, and they do not solicit consent.

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