Delerium and Doom in the Desert! Our Absurdist D&D

Timelapse of the creation of the Sphynx

Watcher DM is partnering with an amazing writer to bring you an absurdist d&d adventure with all-new art. Watch the super Talented Maya Bee draw the sphinx from our tale in time-lapse. The Doom Desert in the Decanter of Delirium promises an exciting adventure and an entertaining psychedelic romp. Done in the spirit of Rick and Morty or Midnight Gospel with twists and turns of every flavor. This mind-bending journey is awesome for one-shots or many sessions of play with our high usability design. Available now on the web store or Roll20 as a VTT module. Join our Patreon to be the first to see the creative process unfold.

If you are here to find out about the crucified villain in the module, you will have to swim up that river if you can. Worry not though, deary, your contract is in safe hands! You might beg Karazar for sweet release or try dancing with the sun. We won’t tell. Have you played this game before? You want to tell us your favorite party in the comments, yes? Share with your minions? Excellent, we shall see you in the Divisible Man if you ever get your face back from that fiendish alien!

If you have journeyed to this place and gotten this far, maybe we should talk about your “condition”. You seem like an adventurous weirdo, and have we got some weird adventures in store for you! We have more absurdist d&d tales and tools in the works, and we want to share them with you if you can find the secret in this message!

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