What Happened In Troika Since We’ve Been Gone? d66 Odd Events!

Ah, Troika: City of Adventure! Of course, not every adventure takes place in the city. Occasionally your players must leave the great metropolis for an errand, vendetta, or quest. Use this d66 Odd Events table whenever they return to help make the ultimate urban area feel a little more alive after their absence.

The New Zealander, Gustav Dore

11 – The Bastion Street Historical Society’s attempts to reenact the decisive battle of the Fourth Bowery Civil War got completely out of hand, sparking the Fifth Bowery Civil War. Method Acting is temporarily outlawed, and traffic is being diverted.

12 – Crime Mimes terrorize Troika’s art galleries and banks with a string of silent heists. Is this the work of a mute mastermind, or is this just what kids do for fun now?

13 – The annual Hydrogen Blimp Demolition Derby failed to produce any explosions. Authorities suspect Hydrogen Counterfeiters.

14 – Troika’s holding a byelection for the position of Municipal Bird-Watcher-in-Chief. The former chief was eaten by owls in the line of duty.

15 – Landsquid street-racing is having a renaissance among the local dwarves. Speedsnail breeders are furious.

16 – Pedestrian Advisory: Downtrodden Avenue has become sentient and is arguing its rights in court. So, please use Doormat Avenue until the situation is resolved.

21 – Troika’s rich and famous have gathered for a charity ball and auction. One of the lots is the infamous Urbax Equation. All proceeds go to the Yatchless Aristocrats Compassionate Society.

22 – Shoes are out! Clogs are in!

23 – Better pay those late fees; Troika’s Central Library has fired the Debt Collectors’ Guild and hired the Kneecap Technicians’ Union.

24 – It’s been raining wine for the last few days. Despite the buoyant public mood, both the Temperance League and the Publicans’ Association are in crisis.

25 – Tired of traditional religion? Many Troikans are turning to the worship of beautiful idiots encased in glass. Ask your theologist today!

26 – Fulfilling a campaign promise, city hall is filling all gutters with bumper balloons.

31 – Plasmic Cores have doubled in price!

32 – Theatre Row is currently suffering a Gremlin infestation. Street Theatre is becoming more common every day.

33 – Local graffiti artists have discovered strange technology allowing them to change their medium from spray paint to massive statuary.

34 – Recent financial turmoil has decreased the amount of narcotics in the city’s wastewater. Troika’s sewer eels are entering withdrawal.

35 – A newly constructed Temple of Reflection is focusing light into a beam capable of igniting nearby streets and pedestrians. It’s becoming a real tourist attraction.

36 – Magically enlarged dogs are the city elite’s newest fascination. No one picks up after them.

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41 – Contagious dance mania rules the streets. Wear a mask and some dance shoes, in case the mask fails.

42 – Troika’s famous Stripping Willows have begun to lose their leaves, attracting a horde of dendrophiliac voyeurs.

43 – It’s Troll mating season. Slightly sticky pollen covers the whole city.

44 – The Eternal Parade came to an end after two weeks.

45 – Trolls have taken over the Seventy-Ninth Street Bridge, declaring an autonomous republic.

46 – Discussion of last Tuesday is now forbidden. No one will explain why.

51 – Two ancient and storied religious orders have come into conflict. For reasons esoteric, they’re competing to see who can be the bigger public nuisance. As a result, citizens of the great city are determined to ignore them until they go away.

52 – They finally repaved Easy Street.

53 – A meteorite fell on the Imperial Insurance Bureau, rendering dozens of recent arsons pointless.

54 – A Grandmaster of the Game of Light and Blood was recently discovered cheating!

55 – Crews of Time-Artists are recording temporal artifacts for a visiting chronophagic ambassador in the Peripheral Park.

56 – Due to a rude wizard, the local trolley system no longer moves through normal space. Expect to arrive at stops in a random order, with no relation to physical proximity.

61 – Local gangs have exchanged knife fighting for dance-offs. Casualties continue to climb.

62 – A new wizard restaurant called Burrow had its grand opening. They cast Diminish on patrons and Grow on the food.

63 – There’s a new craze for elbow piercings.

64 – A newly completed film will be sacrificed on the altar of Irs, god of kings, accountants, and war.

65 – Famous Sculptor Frida Fang opened her new exhibition, The Texture of Longing. Her micro-sculpted sandpapers have already impressed (and hospitalized) a good portion of the City’s critics.

66 – Shining banners adorn every major street. They proclaim it to be ‘Joyous Week’.

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