The “Google” Spell for 5e – Ebrohim’s Inquiry Lingum

Many years ago, I had an idea when I was playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition. Search engines sure are helpful—a spell a wizard would invent to speed up research. And that is when my wizard Ebrohim struck upon his next spell he intended to discover. This spell should not be added to your game lightly as it can easily make certain things difficult to manage, but as a spell used to aid research wizards can make great use of: Ebrohim’s Inquiry Lingum.

Ebrohim’s Inquiry Lingum

LEVEL: 1st

CASTING TIME: 1 Action Ritual

RANGE/AREA: 20 ft (10 ft )


DURATION: Instantaneous

SCHOOL: Divination

With this spell a caster may intone a word or phrase onto a sheet of paper and find all references to that word or phrase on any surface within a 10 foot cube. The surface upon which the phrase or word is written will be known to the caster and the sheet below the intoned phrase will be filled in with a written copy of the title or description of the containing document and a brief summary of the context in which it is found, this will generally be able to show 10 results before the page is full, but larger pages can be used to include up to 20 results at level 1.

* – (a glass lens ground to perfection, laid atop a sheet of paper, a drop of ink.)

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