๐ŸŒ™ Chapultepec (Troika! Microsphere)

Jungle d66 Encounter Table

d66 Encounter  
11 1d6 Tigers 41 The air is filled with the smell of Pungent Weed. You can collect some here if you like. Smoking it or eating it gets you โ€œstonedโ€ giving you +1 armour for 24 hours.
12 1d6 Feathered Folk 42 A Machete (Damages as Sword) is sticking out of the trunk of a nearby tree. It is in poor shape but still works.
13 1d6 Drocks 43 You find bits of plaster and brass fittings, the remains of a recently destroyed Drock . These can be used in repairing or building another.
14 2d6 Goblins 44 You find a collection of feathers arranged on a parka. This can operate as a disguise to pass as a Feathered Folk.
15 1 Knight of the Road 45 Windelion Flowers sprout off of every surface here. When their drifting spores are detached, they cause a gust of wind to carry them away.
16 1d6 Lizard-Men 46 Climbing Vines
21 You find tiger prints and the skeleton of a feathered folk in a puddle of carnage. If it is night time 1d6 Tigers are prowling in the area. 51 A Gulptoad Swallows a Smaller Gulptoad Whole
22 Feathers litter the ground near some tracks of taloned feet. If it is night time 1d6 Feathered Folks wander out of the jungle. 52 The Mosquitos Have an Orgy
23 Bits of plaster and brass fittings are scattered throughout the foliage here. If it is nighttime, there are 1d6 Drocks here collecting their leavings. 53 The Birds of Paradise Yodel Followed by Faceless Applause
24 You walk through an area of jungle coated in a viscous fluid. It smells strongly of urine. If it is nighttime, 2d6 Goblins are here leaking everywhere. 54 Pollen and Spore Release
25 The jungle here has been hacked through by a machete, and horse tracks litter the ground. If it is nighttime a Knight of the Road is here trying to find his way through the jungle. 55 The Shadows Form a Lie
26 Clawed footprints push deep into the mud here, and the perfectly regimented gait indicates military precision in travel. The footprints are followed by a slithering mark. If it is nighttime, 1d6 Lizard-Men are coming back to cover his tracks when you encounter him. 56 The Breeze Sings You a Song
31 The Dew of the Jungle Flows to the Ground like a Waterfall. All around you, the liquid pours from the canopy to the ground and is swallowed up by the dense flora of the jungle floor. 61 Pamphlet Propaganda About the Ills of Palace Life and the Virtues of Jungle Living
32 A gap appears in the canopy above, filling the area with light. The shape of this light is that of a large bird. 62 Page from How to Eat Feathered Folk
33 The flowers in the part of the jungle bloom, revealing a new color. Name it. 63 Crystallized Cyclops Tear
34 The jungle floor here is lush and fluffy with flora. You may rest here as though you were in a warm, safe place. 64 Tire Tracks from 1974 Volvo
35 The Foggy Vapours Smell Sweetly Familiar 65 Cigarette Butts (Marlow Reds)
36 The Smell of Pungent Herb Wafts by 66 Cyclops Print Valley and Glade, Smashed Animals and Plants

Giant Mushroom Forest

d66 Encounter    
11 1 Parchment Witch 41 Mushroom Leather (as Light Armour)
12 1d6 Piscean 42 Edible Mushrooms (as Provisions)
13 1 Sympathy Serpent 43 Magic Mushrooms (as Second Sight)
14 1d6 Tigers 44 Dwarf Tools
15 1d6 Feathered Folk 45 Shroom Syrup Spile and bucket of Shroom Sap
16 1 Troll 46 Discarded Random Weapon
21 Same as 11 at night, Signs of during day. 51 the Cloud Worms come down to eat the mushroom tops
22 Same as 12 at night, Signs of during day. 52 The Mushrooms Telepathically Broadcast their worst dad jokes
23 Same as 13 at night, Signs of during day. 53 Mushroom Migration, the all move to be out of the sunlight.
24 Same as 14 at night, Signs of during day. 54 A flight of hallucinating feathered folk have forgotten civilization and sit feasting on raw Gulptoads
25 Same as 15 at night, Signs of during day. 55 Enlightened Tigers are Meditating beneath a mushroom and performing poetry from their palace days
26 Same as 16 at night, Signs of during day. 56 A Troll is relieving himself, he finds it peaceful here
31 Mushrooms Glow Gently and Pulsate 61 A Tiger Palace tourist map
32 The Shadows of the Mushrooms Resemble Cyclops Marching 62 Directions from Lagos to Zimbus Zane to Chapultepec
33 Iridescent Waters Fall from the Mushroom Tops into Oily Pools 63 Feathered Folk Journal about the Greatness of Omakala
34 The Spore Clouds Create Anti-Rainbows 64 A Pair of Tiger-sized Toe Cuffs
35 Tiny Mushrooms Grow and march around the Ground looking for a good spot to grow 65 A Zoanthrop witness to Chi chi getting into โ€œcostumeโ€
36 One of the large mushrooms wakes up and asks you questions about the year 66 a plasmic core that whispers familiar words to you

Sky Tubers

d66 Encounter    
11 1 Zoanthrope 41 Tuber Grubs (as Provisions)
12 1 Breathing Beet 42 Ruby Lorgnettes
13 1 Night Pig 43 The Velare
14 1d6 Tigers 44 A Harvesters Yoke
15 1d6 Feathered Folk 45 An Abandoned Pistolet
16 2d6 Owl 46 Some Astrological Equipment hangs high up in the Tubers
21 Same as 11 at night, Signs of during day. 51 a Death hen pulls tuber grubs out of the ground here
22 Same as 12 at night, Signs of during day. 52 a Gargantuan Moth hatches from its cocoon high above
23 Same as 13 at night, Signs of during day. 53 Tuber blooms gurgle up from below the ground, they smell sweet and alcoholic
24 Same as 14 at night, Signs of during day. 54 A Tuber Caterpillar Comes up to smell you, but you are not a tuber
25 Same as 15 at night, Signs of during day. 55 A space cast from another sphere has been picked up by one of the tubers and it is a commercials break
26 Same as 16 at night, Signs of during day. 56 A feathered folk is here preparing an offering for chi chi
31 Sudden Violent Tuber Growth 61 Tire Tracks from 1974 Volvo
32 Felled Giant Tuber 62 Hand Written Notes Workshopping Cult Ideas
33 A Mosquito Colony clusters on the Tuber Base 63 A Boot Print Inside a Penguin Print
34 A Nutrient Stream flows out of a burst tuber pustule 64 Feathered Folk Journal about the Greatness of Omakala
35 The ground shifts in snakelike patterns as the tubers communicate with their roots below ground 65 a plasmic core that whispers familiar words to you
36 A breeze picks up the intoxicating scent of the tuber blooms 66 d6 Pocket Gods

Lake Water

1d6 Encounter
1 2d6 Piscean
2 1 Salamander
3 1 Galoshian
4 1 God of the Ichthyes
5 1 Marshbaron
6 1d3 Noblefish


11 1d6 Diggin Drocks 41 A Payphone
12 1d6 Hiking Tigers 42 Dead Hikers Remains
13 1d6 Pilgrim Feathered Folk 43 A Tiger Suit
14 1 Troll Patrolling 44 Pinwheel Weeds
15 1 Manticore Looking for Love 45 Salt Rope
16 1 Donestre Ambling 46 Skymoose Antlers
21 Same as 11 at night, Signs of during day. 51 A Mother Death Hen Feeds her Young
22 Same as 12 at night, Signs of during day. 52 Goats Eating Pinwheel Weeds
23 Same as 13 at night, Signs of during day. 53 Corpse Tulips Bloom
24 Same as 14 at night, Signs of during day. 54 Slime Sludge Gurgles and Drains
25 Same as 15 at night, Signs of during day. 55 A Breeze Whispers Words
26 Same as 16 at night, Signs of during day. 56 Shadows Form a Truth
31 The Tourmaline Clouds Roil and Boil 61 A Boot Print Inside a Penguin Print
32 Yellow and Purple Ore glisten in the mountain stone 62 Page from How to Tame a Cyclops
33 The Battlefly swarm has begun its migration 63 Purchase Order for Dwarf Souls
34 The Two Suns (4 Moons) dance 64 Hand Written Notes Workshopping Cult Ideas
35 A Slime Sludge Gieser Errupts 65 Key to Chi Chiโ€™s Ship (Troll Lost)
36 Waterfall with Rainbow Mist 66 Letter for Chi Chi from Bizel
  1. Cawcaw – the City of the Feathered Folk
    1. This is a community of 100ish Feathered Folk.
    2. They have recently joined a religion brought to them by a very persuasive penguin named chi chi.
    3. Chichianity is the religious worship of the penguin chi chi.
  2. The Golden Barge – This is where you parked your barge
  3. Chi Chiโ€™s Crash Site
    1. Chi Chi is actually a demon in disguise.
    2. They are seeking to gain control over the giant Gugox.
    3. They are manipulating the Feathered Folk to buy time while he figures out how to control the beast.
  4. The Piles
    1. These are weird towers that the Feathered Folk use to watch over the region.
    2. They tend to shoot first and ask questions later.
  5. The Tiger Sands
    1. This is a giant desert/litterbox of the Tigers of Chapultepec
    2. They love nothing more than day naps and snacking on Feathered Folk
  6. Idol of the Melancholy Dingus
    1. This strange statue is huge and contains altars for ancient rituals
    2. Anyone who cries tears into the altar receives +1 damage until the next time they sleep.
  7. Handed Hill
    1. This โ€œHillโ€ is what remains of a skeletal hand
    2. it is in fact the hand of Gugox Father
  8. Homox
    1. Another Cyclops, actually heard Gugox was out here and has been looking for them.
    2. Became distracted by the Dancing Tulips and hasnโ€™t left this field since.
    3. If brought together with Gugox they are very likely to eventually make a cyclops baby.
  9. 1974 Volvo
    1. Battery is dead but it has a full tank of gas.
    2. There are 12 silver pence in between the seats.
    3. Radio doesn’t work, but there is an amazing cassette collection of dad rock.
  10. Omakalaโ€™s Tower
    1. The Tower Wizard Omakala sits up here and orchestrates the digging of the deep pit at 11.
    2. All of his servants are hypnotized feathered folk. They started by following him religiously, but things got weird, and he needed to go further to generate compliance.
  11. The Heart Hole
    1. At the center of this sphere is a giant hardened ghost, big enough to make millions of plasma cores.
    2. Omakala has papers indicating his right to dig, these are legit, but his methods for controlling the feathered folk are not.
  12. The Snailmail Fortress
  13. The Boiling Sea
    1. This is where the God of the Ichthyes is chilling. He wants to watch someone do something mundane.
  14. Gugox
    1. A Cyclops who is tearfully mourning the dwarves he accidentally smashed. He does not know about the drocks
    2. If informed of the drocks and their plight, he will happily work to finish them and help them find purpose.
  15. The Drocks of the Stinking Calamity
    1. The Stinking Calamity Occurred when the Cyclopic Giant Gugox accidentally sat on the Dwarves. They were trying to communicate to him that he would block up there holes and prevent them from leaving below, but he did not see them until it was too late. Now he weeps for their loss without knowing anything about the Drocks.
  16. Moving Snail Fortress (Very Slow)
  17. Escape Pod
  18. The Idol of the Well-Fed Tiger
    1. 2d6 well fed Tiger are here Purrrraying
    2. They are currently well fed so are only interested in being pet and taking a nap
    3. They know the story of Gugox and the Drocks
  19. Head of the Giant Mountain
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