The First Look at Drawn from the Margins!

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We’re almost done writing Drawn from the Margins, our newest Troika adventure, but before we finish, we wanted to offer a sneak peek to our blog readers! Here it is – Six Troika classes! They’re tailor-made to our new adventure but usable in any. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Class List


Naughty Monk – You were out for a little gambling, drinking, and ‘pardon-me-vicar-is-that-a-sausage?’ when you accidentally fell asleep in a friendly bed. You are slouching back to the monastery, practicing your explanation for the abbot, when you hear the cries of your fellows.

Hangover Shades
Monk’s Habit

Gambling 2
Drinking 2
Stealth 2
Literacy 2
Fist Fighting 1
Relationship Counselling 1

Special: You may be naughty, but you’re still a monk! You know the layout of the abbey.


Local Kinkster – You’ve taken a brief break from being flogged by your cousin to see if the local monks will sell you a little mutton. You are walking to the monastery when you hear shrill lamentations!

Flog (Damage as Club)
Leather Hood (for Anonymity)

Wrestling 3
Relationship Counselling 3
Flog Fighting 2
Strength 2

Special: Recreational self-abuse has given you 1 Armor, even (especially) when not wearing armor.


Cat Fan – You like books, cats, and books about cats. You were in a bum mood after losing your cat, so you traveled a few towns over to meet fellow Cat Fancier Albert Fong, who reportedly has a very fine collection of funny cat pictures.

Cat Hood
Book about Cats
Collection of Funny Cat Pictures
Bit of Yarn

Petting Cats 3
Literacy 2
Sneak 1
Awareness 1
Run 1
Second Sight 1
Spells – Jolt 1

Special: You cannot attack a cat, even if it poses a mortal danger to you. They’re just too cute!


Lost Nudist – You were out in the woods with your friends, holding a perfectly innocent fertility dance, eating sacred mushrooms, and cavorting with unicorns when you lost consciousness. You’re not entirely sure how you ended up here, but you are determined to make the best of it.

Botany 3
Healing 2
Knife Fighting 1
Second Sight 1
Drinking 1
Spell – Befuddle 1
Spell – Peace 1
Spell – Purple Lens 1
Spell – Read Entrails 1

Special: Although you do own things, they are not currently on your person or, indeed, in this county. You start with absolutely no possessions at all. You wear your dignity and confidence but nothing else.


Piper Dude – As a traveling minstrel, you never pass up a chance to spread your legend. You’re on your way to Inkwell Abbey to exchange musical notes with their Choirmaster. You refuse to explain the bird on your head.

Rustic Clarinet
Fanny Pack
Musical Genius
Bird on Head (Soulmate)

Music 3
Bird Fighting 2
Spell – Befuddle 2
Spell – Coal Resolve 2
Spell – Babble 1
Spell – Natter 1

Special: The bird that lives on your head fights for you, provides backing vocals, and shares your life in a way no one else ever could. You may attack with it and deal damage as a Small Beast, but you must also feed it 1 Ration daily. Should it die (from starvation or misadventure) you lose not only your weapon but also one of your skill points in Music.


This Thing – You are This Thing. No one knows what exactly it is. Albert Fong claims he never drew such a creature but then again, if he had, would he admit it? You’ve simply shown up, armed with an Axe and a can-do attitude.

Magnificent Feathered Skin (as Light Armor)

Axe Fighting 4
Run 2
Strength 2
Sneak 1
Language – Hand Talk 6

Special: Having no mouth, you cannot speak. You do, however, have a hand, with which you may make any gesture you like.

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