Cleric Domains and Gods of the Glassmen

To understand the Cleric domains, you need to know about the gods of the Glassmen. The Glassmen worship three gods: Lense, Prism, and Mirror. Their power demands worship, but their jealousy demands that this worship be secret; should one god see his supplicants praising his brothers, catastrophe is sure to follow. Supplication is no easy feat in the City of Glass, and cultists must go to great lengths to hide their rituals. You will find the 3 cleric domains outlined below.

‘In guarded, gleaming ghetto-glen,
By gaslight, gold and ghoulish,
A gaunt Glassman greets
His grinning gods
And wishes to be

Hymn for an Unseen Glassman ~R. Swanton Hymns of Big Country

A Focus Domain (Lensite) Glassman Cleric prepares for battle in front of a stained broken battlefield.
A Focus Domain (Lensite) Glassman Cleric prepares for battle in front of a stained broken battlefield.


(Focus) Lense, lord of light, focus fervor.

(Diffusion) Prism, duke of diffusion, scattered saint.

(Reflection) Mirror, emir of ego, self-seen and reflection-rabid.


Lensites are called upon by their god to focus all things towards the singularity at the beginning and end of all things. Taboo demands that cultists carry a series of lenses on their person for various observances. For example, Lensites believe it is a terrible omen to ‘gaze naked’ upon violence, and carry rose-tinted glasses with them whenever they think they may encounter death and bloodshed.

Prismatics see Lensites as metaphysical fascists and slavers attempting to reduce the universe to its blandest common denominator. Mirrorists believe that seeing through a lens occludes your vision of your true self.

Lensites are best identified by their multi-lensed glasses but otherwise tend to dress in mono-color, with white and gold being most popular.


Lensite Cleric Bonus Spells

Level 1 – Magic Missile (laser theme, deals fire damage), Floating Disk

Level 3 – Enlarge/Reduce, Blindness/Deafness (Blindness only)

Level 5 – Daylight, Clairvoyance

Level 7 – Arcane Eye, Resilient Sphere

Level 9 – Flame Strike, Geas

Class Features otherwise as per the Cleric Light Domain.


Prism worshippers (Prismatics) are called upon to delineate, separate, and scatter. Difference is beauty to a Prismatic, and expansion is a divine mandate. The exchange of children (line-scattering, in the Prismatic parlance) is a customary pleasantry among the initiated, as the diffusion of the family unit is seen as a powerful observance of the Prism’s dictates.

Lensites typically view Prismatics as terrorists, somewhat justified since the Babel-Bomb blew apart the Common tongue and created the linguistic mish-mash currently afflicting the City of Glass. The Prismatics consider this an artistic, creative act rather than a destructive one, and so their enmity grows deeper. The Mirrorists find Prismatic dogma compelling, but no more so than Lensite dogma; in other words, not so interesting as they find themselves.

Prismatics can be identified by their multi-colored makeup and fractured face paintings.


Prismatic Cleric Bonus Spells

Level 1 – Color Spray, Faerie Fire

Level 3 – Shatter, Blur

Level 5 – Hypnotic Pattern, Gaseous Form

Level 7 – Confusion, Hallucinatory Terrain

Level 9 – Seeming, Modify Memory

Class Features otherwise as per the Cleric Light Domain.


Mirrorists in the City of Glass are typically churches of one, or small cults numbering no more than a dozen or so supplicants and one charismatic leader. Mirrorists are not called upon to do anything, other than admiring themselves and their generous god, who is remade anew each moment in the image of their worshippers. Gymnosophists tend to be Mirrorists, and the smell of sweat and kale permeates the mirrored halls of most Mirror cults.

Mirror cultists would be considered irrelevant narcissists by the other cults, except that the anger of Lense and Prism shatters more than mirrors when it falls upon the city. So long as the observance is secret, it is ignored, but once it is found it must be publicly destroyed to appease the glass gods.

Mirror cultists are difficult to identify, as they change their appearance with the tides of fashion. Staring too long at one’s reflection can trigger accusations of Mirrorism, and Glassmen are quick to persecute those they suspect of Mirror worship. Outside of the city, where they can worship more freely, cult leaders sometimes wear mirror-masks as a sign of their power and status.


Mirrorist Cleric Bonus Spells

Level 1 – Charm Person, Disguise Self

Level 3 – Mirror Image, Enthrall

Level 5 – Major Image, Tiny Hut (all mirrored surfaces)

Level 7 – Stoneskin (mirrorskin), Compulsion

Level 9 – Mislead, Mirrorstride (As Treestride, but with mirrors)

At first level gain proficiency in Deception and Persuasion. Your proficiency bonus is doubled when using these skills. You may use Charisma instead of Wisdom as your spellcasting modifier.

Levels two and seventeen as per the Cleric Trickery Domain.

Level six as per Cleric Life Domain (narcissistic healing)

Starting at Eighth Level, you may add your Charisma bonus to the damage you deal with any Cleric cantrip.

For a more general understanding of leveling, check out the article Training, Ritual, and Ceremony in Leveling Up Tiers.

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