Hedonist Background Brings Out Your Inner Party Animal

We have put together a PC hedonist background for use with our newest adventure module “Moon Elves’ Masquerade” for Players who want to truly embrace the vibe. The whole thing is available here as text of course, or you can download the PDF here. We also have a link to the homebrew item on dndbeyond if you want to integrate it with your campaign. Party on!


“You think you can party with the best? How droll, we shall see!” ~~ hedonist

You believe, with all your being, that life is a party and should be enjoyed as such.

Do you prefer the aloofness of a noble’s spice salon or is a drinking contest in a local tavern more your speed? Have you visited the Feywild and been dazzled by the sheer intensity of a satyr’s soiree? Have you experienced the near blinding strength of drinking with the dwarven Ale Masters of the mountains? Have you survived a devilish bacchanalia? Whatever the case, you have enjoyed some aspect of the most decadent of lifestyles.

How has the experience affected you? Were you once an uptight stick-in-the-mud that has become an irreverent party creature? Are you lashing out to escape a highly controlling environment? Do you continue the party wherever you go so that you never have to recall the event that started you down this path? Are you just looking to distract yourself from the drudges of your benign existence? Or is it simply that you enjoy a good time?

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set

Languages: One of your choice

Equipment: A set of common clothes, a wine-skin full of an exotic drink, a pouch containing 10 gp

Favorite Party

All across the multiverse, there are many different types of parties hosted by a vast variety of cultures and societies. You may either use this table to randomly determine your character’s preferred party style or if none of the following seems correct you can collaborate with your DM to determine what would fit your character best.

d8Favorite Party
1Sylvan soirees
2Devilish debauchery
3Blissful bacchanalia
4Fey festivities
5Celestial celebrations
6Noble nonsense
7Brutish bashes
8Carousing with commoners

Feature: Life of the Party

You are a legend at celebrations, shindigs, and other such functions. Your sheer enjoyment seems to rub off on others around you during times of merrymaking. During and after any party you attend you have advantage on all Charisma checks made on other partygoers present.

Suggested Characteristics

Just as there are many different styles of parties there are a myriad of types of celebrants. Each person takes different things from the hedonistic experience, leaning towards different pleasures and delicacies. What are your tendencies and vices?

d8Personality Trait
1I adore trying new things, experiencing new substances, and meeting new people
2If I don’t pass out at the end of the night it was a boring event, and I don’t attend boring events
3If I see someone who isn’t having a good time it is my purpose in life to change that
4I try to leave every place a little more joyful than when I found it
5I cannot stand it when someone tries to bring the mood down
6When I want to be entertained only the most extravagant entertainment will suffice
7I prefer my fun to be spontaneous rather than planned out
8Cheap thrills are just as fun as high brow leisure
1Enjoyment. Life is a party, do whatever makes you happiest (Chaotic)
2Narcissism. My good time is the only one that matters (Evil)
3Flexibility. Just go with the flow and see where the night takes us (Neutral)
4Empathy. Everyone should be having a good time (Good)
5Responsibility. We can still have fun and not break rules or let anyone get hurt (Lawful)
6Inclusion. Everyone should get to try everything (Good)
1If we drink together we are friends for life
2The first party I ever attended was hosted by the most amazing person, I need to find them again
3I accidentally took something that wasn’t mine at a party, I must get it back to the original owner
4There’s a night I have cannot remember at all, I need to find out what happened
5I woke up after an amazing event to find that my friend was missing, I need to find them and make sure they’re safe
6That band was amazing and I must find them again
1I got hooked on an exotic substance at a party and now I have to acquire it any chance I get
2When I’m enjoying myself I tend to forget about others around me
3I can do nothing in moderation even when I want to
4I meet so many new people at these parties…I just wish I could remember their faces in the morning
5I cannot be held responsible for any promises, deals, or offers made while altered me is in charge
6I encourage others to behave recklessly even if I know it’s a bad idea

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