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GMless Exploration RPG

A great evil lies dormant somewhere in the world. You travel through the land foraging, fighting, and sneaking. Factions at war offer treasure and secrets to their allies and death to their enemies. Great weapons of legend are rumoured to hide buried in the hoards of gargantuan ferocious beasts. And somewhere out there, your quest awaits, find it and gain the power it offers. You are on the QuestCrawl…

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This is a 16-page high-quality, full-colour staple-bound zine. It contains all the rules for the fast and easy GMless Exploration RPG you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for a game night when the DM is out or wants to play. Missing a party member? Do a QuestCrawl instead! All you need is a couple of six-sided dice, a deck of cards, and some friends (if you want).

Character creation can be completed in minutes. Games run between 2 and 3 hours, depending on depth and success. This game provides a unique opportunity to shape the world you are playing in. You decide the lay of the land by placing the face-down cards, then move as a party from card to card. You will:

  • Face Terrible Beasties
  • Steal Weapons of Legend from Megabeasts
  • Forage for supplies in the Good lands
  • Survive Treacherous Crises
  • Find your way in Hard lands
  • Interact with unique Wonders
  • Trade and War with Factions
  • And Most Importantly, Find Your Quest
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